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Not all warts are alike: Effective treatment for this common concern starts with an evaluation in New York, NY

Effective Treatment for Warts Common Concern Starts with an Evaluation in New York, NY Area

There are many different types of warts. Plus, warts can resemble a number of other conditions. So, it’s essential to trust your skin health and appearance to a Board-Certified dermatologist adept at diagnosing warts and similar-looking conditions. From there, Dr. Stephen L. Comite can determine effective treatments for warts in New York, NY, at SkinProvement Dermatology, New York. Dr. Comite wrote about dermatology conditions of the foot in athletes termed “Sports Dermatology of the Foot and Ankle” in the first-ever book of its kind, “Foot and Ankle Sports Medicine.” He has also co-authored articles on warts published in peer-reviewed journals. … Continue reading

Take care of your skin with sports dermatology services in New York

Take Care of Your Skin with Sports Dermatology Services in New York Area

When you think of sports-related health issues, skin problems are likely not one of the first things that come to mind. However, a variety of skin conditions can result from playing sports either recreationally or professionally, and having a dermatologist that you can trust to help you take care of your skin is essential. At SkinProvement Dermatology New York, Dr. Stephen Comite provides sports dermatology services for athletes of all levels to protect their skin and treat sports-related skin conditions as they arise. Common skin issues in athletes Skin problems can arise in athletes due to a number of factors, … Continue reading

Dermatologist in New York, NY explains what to look for in a safe and effective sunscreen

Dermatologist Explains What to Look for in a Safe and Effective Sunscreen in New York, NY Area

If you love having fun in the sun or your normal routine involves spending time outdoors, such as walking or biking to and from work, a high-quality sunscreen should be an essential part of your daily routine. Even moderate amounts of sun exposure add up over time, not only aging your skin but also increasing your risk of developing skin cancer. At SkinProvement Dermatology New York, Dr. Stephen Comite is dedicated to helping NY area residents take the best care of their skin. Read on to learn more about how to choose a safe and effective sunscreen for you and … Continue reading

Ways to get rid of acne in New York City: Start by understanding your skin’s needs

Ways to Get Rid of Acne in New York City Area

Not all types of acne “spots” are the same. Board-certified skin specialist, Dr. Stephen L. Comite, customizes treatment to your needs. In turn, many patients have benefited from his effective ways to get rid of acne in New York City. A note on our approach to acne care We at SkinProvement Dermatology New York have seen time and again how patients can truly live again once the physical and emotional pain of acne is gone. Patients who barely left their homes are now dating, attending college, and otherwise leading active, meaningful and fulfilling lives. At least one of our patients, … Continue reading

Love your look again! Get to know three common types of soft tissue filler treatments in New York City

Love Your Look Again! Get to Know Three Common Types of Soft Tissue Filler Treatments in New York City Area

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved dozens of soft tissue fillers, also known as dermal fillers, to correct signs of aging. All soft tissue filler treatments in New York City at the office of Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Stephen L. Comite, have the effect of softening lines and wrinkles, creating smoother and well-defined contours, and/or generally “filling in” areas of volume loss. From the SkinProvement Dermatology New York office in Midtown Manhattan, , Dr. Comite evaluates your needs and personal characteristics to determine the best filler product to restore the features you once had, or achieve those features you’ve … Continue reading

Double chin, single focus of Kybella injections: New York City specialist shares the cost and benefits

In New York City Area Specialist Shares the Cost and Benefits of Double Chin, Single Focus of Kybella Injections

A single type of non-surgical treatment can eliminate your double chin. Among those patients with moderate to severe “submental fullness” and good skin elasticity, Kybella restores the definition of the lower third portion of your face. This area plays an important role in overall facial appearance and balance. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Stephen L. Comite is excited to introduce you to Kybella injections and its cost and benefits in New York City at his practice, located in Midtown Manhattan. Depending on your personal needs and characteristics, you may find that Kybella gives great value – just like so many SkinProvement Dermatology … Continue reading

Using injectable facial fillers to turn back time for New York area patients

Injectable Facial Fillerswith Skinprovement Dermatology in New York Area

Patients in the New York area who are considering the enhancement of the face and treatment for fine lines and wrinkles may not realize there are other options outside of plastic surgery. Dr. Stephen Comite is a dermatologist in the community who is proud to offer injectable treatments as an alternative, such as dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are gel-like injections that fill wrinkles and folds on the facial area to smooth lines and turn back the hands of time! What are dermal fillers? Dermal fillers are cosmetic solutions to fine lines and wrinkles on the face. They provide immediate volume … Continue reading

Dermatologist at New York dermatology center offering diagnosis and treatment for skin cancer patients

Dermatologist for Skin Cancer in New York Area at Skinprovement

While hearing that you have skin cancer can be a scary moment for anyone, the good news is, with early diagnosis and treatment, most patients overcome it. Patients who do not have their cancer diagnosed in the earlier stages will have a long road ahead of them. That is why early detection is key, and the dermatology team at, Skinprovement Dermatology of New York, encourages patients to schedule routine skin cancer screenings with a dermatologist for skin cancer every year or sometimes more often as needed. Patients can call our skin cancer diagnosis and treatment facility in New York to … Continue reading

Services provided by New York area cosmetic dermatologist

Cosmetic Dermatologist at Skinprovement in New York, Ny Area

Dermatology isn’t just about treating acne and diagnosing skin cancer. Most dermatologists, including Dr. Stephen Comite of Skinprovement, proudly offer a range of cosmetic services as well. Our professionals include a cosmetic dermatologist, a doctor for skin, that provides individuals with ways to enhance their skin. The services below are offered for patients seeking a doctor “near me” for aesthetic work: Botox injections – a popular treatment in our office for patients with aging skin is that of Botox injections, but many patients begin when the wrinkles first appear, in their early 30’s or even late 20’s. Most patients have … Continue reading

Patients in New York City discover what to expect from soft tissue fillers

Soft Tissue Fillers in New York City Area

For patients in New York City, Dr. Stephen Comite and the team at SkinProvement Dermatology New York offer comprehensive cosmetic dermatology services to keep patients looking their best. The aging process leads to a loss of facial volume and the development of creases or wrinkles. Soft tissue fillers are popular ways to add instant volume and plump lines and wrinkles restoring a more youthful appearance. Fillers are used to replace lost volume to reduce the sunken, aged appearance helping patients appear more youthful. The aging process, sun damage, smoking, and other toxins can lead to volume loss in the face. … Continue reading

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Dr. Comite is a compassionate and caring doctor who has done an excellent job as my dermatologist. His advice is always thoughtful and he works with me to find the best treatment options. He is highly motivated and extremely helpful. My skin has drastically improved since I started seeing him. I would highly recommend Dr. Comite to anyone seeking dermatology care.

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