1. Beginning tomorrow, you may shower or bathe, but attempt to keep the biopsy site as dry as possible, especially if stitches* were required. Should the wound site get wet, simply pat dry gently, and then replace the bandaid.
  2. Please purchase the following products from your local pharmacy: vaseline (also known as petrolatum or petroleum jelly) or aquaphor ointment, cotton applicators like q-tips, and bandaids.
  3. Once daily, using separate cotton applicators for each application, first apply soap and water to remove crust or scab, then the vaseline sparingly to the wound.
  4. It is preferable to keep a bandaid on the wound, especially if it might be irritated by clothing or rubbing. Try to prevent irritation from forming at the Band-Aid adhesive site by rotating the bandaid around the biopsy site.
  5. As the wound begins to heal, a slight discharge and small rim of redness occasionally occurs; this is frequently part of the healing process. Should you notice increasing redness, pus, swelling, pain or fever, please make an appointment to see Dr. Comite. Though uncommon, these may be signs of infection and you should be evaluated.
  6. Bleeding rarely occurs after this kind of surgery. Should you have any post-operative oozing, hold pressure on the wound with a gauze pad or clean cloth continuously for 20 minutes; do not let up on pressure or glance at the wound during this period of time. If bleeding persists still persists, repeat this process for another 30 minutes. If bleeding still continues, call Dr. Comite’s office. If he is unavailable, go to the nearest emergency room.
  7. The object is to prevent a scab from forming if possible, since scabs (contrary to popular belief) may actually prolong the time necessary for healing. If a scab does form, simply continue to treat the wound as per instructions.
  8. Please do not soak the area in water. If you wish to swim or take a bath, please cover the site with a water-proof bandage. Do not exercise if you feel any stretching of the muscles adjacent to the biopsy or surgery.
  9. *Please note: If you had sutures placed, you must return for suture removal. If sutures are not removed on a timely basis, additional scarring can occur.
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Dr. Comite and his staff are absolutely amazing! I was recommended to him from family and when I first went to see Dr. Comite my skin was in bad shape-I had very active acne, worse than I ever experienced before in my life. After having graduated from college I didn’t expect this skin change and I didn’t know how to improve it or if it would even improve. Dr. Comite however, was extremely knowledgeable, optimistic, and truly cared about helping me get my clear skin back. My visits were always friendly and comfortable which was important to me during a time when I was feeling less than myself. After only a few sessions, Dr. Comite and his team found the correct treatment to clear up my skin. Within a month my skin showed improvement and in only two months my skin drastically improved. After being a patient of Dr. Comite’s for over four years I couldn’t be happier! My skin has continued to be clear and I know if I have any questions or concerns an answer is just a phone call to the office. I’m so thankful to have found such a dedicated doctor in the field of dermatology. Dr. Comite and his staff helped me get, and keep, the skin I knew I could have. I highly recommend him to anyone with any dermatology needs.

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