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Arnica to prevent
bruising before procedures

If you have a tendency to bruise and are having any cosmetic procedures such as Botox Cosmetic® or filler injections such as with Restylane®, Juvederm™, Radiesse® or Sculptra® or any other surgical procedures, please follow these directions:

Limit use of aspirin, Vitamin E, St. John’s wort, motrin and similar non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products such as advil or naprosyn for a week prior to your procedure. You may take tylenol.

You may also consider taking arnica in a homeopathic preparation, which may be helpful to limit bruising and swelling. The following will explain about arnica

Arnica to Prevent Bruising Before Procedures


Arnica Montana is a plant found in the northwestern parts of the U.S. and central Europe. Although clinical evidence is not conclusive as arnica has not been tested for these uses, the fresh plant has been chewed to reduce inflammation and bruising for centuries. Today, arnica can be used in the form of pills, creams, gels, and ointments.

How it Works:

Although the mechanism is not fully understood, studies have found that arnica has “…in vitro anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial, positive inotropic, and hepatoprotective properties”.[1] The quick-dissolve pellets are fast-acting because they bypass the stomach, going directly into the bloodstream.

How to Use:

The recommended usage is to take 5 pellets of Boiron Arnica three times a day, beginning two days prior to your procedure. You can continue taking arnica until your symptoms improve up to a week after the procedure. Boiron’s Procedure Recovery Kit contains three tubes of arnica pellets. To dispense the pellets, pull the tab first and then turn the tube upside down and twist the pellet dispenser. Continue twisting until 5 pellets are released. Remove the cap and pour all 5 pellets into your mouth. Allow the pellets to dissolve under your tongue.

The topical creams may be used in addition to the pellets. The cream can be applied immediately after facial procedures and injections up to three times daily for a week after the procedure unless symptoms improve before that.

Safety Information:

Homeopathic medicines are made of natural substances that can be used to treat various symptoms. If you take high blood pressure medication or blood thinners you should not take arnica although it is doubtful you would have side effects. However you should consult with your doctor before taking any homeopathic products. The manufacturing process for homeopathic medicines is regulated by the FDA.

Where to Buy and Cost:

The Arnicare products are inexpensive, should cost less than $15, and can be purchased either in various stores in the New York area or online.

Local Stores:

Pasteur’s Pharmacy at 53 E. 34th Street carries the products and is one of our favorite pharmacies overall.

Health Source II, 120 East 34th Street
Willner Chemists, 100 Park Avenue
Prohealth Pharmacy, 370 Lexington Avenue
Nature’s Cure Pharmacy, 324 East 34th Street
GNC, many branches
University Chemists, 74 University Place

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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