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Cancerous Skin Tags in New York NY Area

Safe Methods of Removing Skin Tags Permanently

Skin tags are flesh-colored growths that may start to appear on your body as you grow older. They are typically harmless unless they start to bleed or change color, in which case they may not be skin tags at all, but a cancerous growth that needs immediate treatment. When in doubt, it’s best to consult with your New York dermatologist at SkinProvement Dermatology. Bothersome skin tags or growths should be removed immediately to avoid discomfort and occasionally the spread of cancerous cells throughout your body.

Skin Tags vs. Cancerous Growths

Skin tags can be found in different parts of your body, such as on your neck, breasts, armpits, eyelids, or groin. They are generally harmless growths containing blood vessels and collagen. Although they don’t require treatment, some people find them unsightly or bothersome, as they can get caught up in jewelry or clothing and want them removed.

Cancerous growths often have the general appearance of skin tags, but over time they start to change color, grow larger, bleed or ulcerate. Anytime unusual skin growths begin to show these symptoms, it’s time to contact your dermatologist. Dr. Stephen Comite will carefully examine your skin to determine if the growths are benign or pose a risk to your health and need to be removed.

Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags won’t simply fall off as time goes by. If Dr. Comite determines that these growths should be removed due to a health risk, we’ll have this done within the safe, sterile environment of our dermatology clinic. Working with a dermatologist for skin tag removal can ensure it’s done safely and effectively to prevent infection, scarring, or excessive bleeding. There are various methods a dermatologist can use to remove skin tags effectively. These are:

  • Excision
  • Cauterization
  • Cryosurgery
  • Laser Removal

Excision involves using a sterile scalpel to cut the tag from your skin. This method is more effective with small skin tags as there’s less bleeding. With cauterization, your dermatologist will use an electric needle to burn the tag off, sealing the wound in the process to prevent bleeding and infection. Cryosurgery involves freezing the tag using liquid nitrogen, after which the tag will fall off on its own after a week to ten days. Laser removal involves using a special hand-held laser to remove the tag, after numbing the area with anesthetics.

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Regardless of the method used, skin tag removal by a professional dermatologist is quick, relatively painless, and provides permanent results. At SkinProvement Dermatology, we willdiscuss these methods with you before proceeding so you’ll know what to expect from our skin tag removal treatments.

Skin Tags Removal Near Me

After evaluating your condition, your New York dermatologist can recommend the best method for removing skin tags or other potentially dangerous cancer growths from your skin. Working with a skin specialist like Dr. Stephen Comite will ensure you have a safe, successful removal procedure. To schedule a consultation for skin tag removal at our dermatology clinic, contact SkinProvement Dermatology in New York today at (212) 933-9490.

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