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The Importance of Sunscreens for Skin Protection in New York Why Use Sunscreen?

The Importance of Sunscreens for Skin Protection in New York Why Use Sunscreen?

Sunscreen plays a critical role when it comes to a comprehensive sun protection technique. However, by itself, sunscreen is insufficient to protect you when exposed to direct sunlight. When you follow the bottle’s directions, using sunscreen skin protection is known to diminish the risk of skin cancers. The use of SPF 30 and above  sunscreen daily can lessen your chances of acquiring squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Sunscreen should be reapplied  if you are active outdoors for a long period or work outside generally. It also assists with deterring the premature aging of skin, which the sun causes, such as: … Continue reading

Benefits of Coming in for Professional Sports Dermatology Services in New York

Benefits of Coming in for Professional Sports Dermatology Services in New York Area

Properly caring for your skin is very important. One group that tends to be health-conscious and active are athletes and those who like to exercise regularly. For these people, seeing a dermatologist is also particularly important. When in need of sports dermatology services in New York, NY, residents would benefit greatly by consulting our dermatologist at SkinProvement Dermatology.  Consultation and Skin Condition Check One of the main advantages of seeing a sports dermatologist is that you can receive a comprehensive consultation on your skin condition. In some ways, those that are active and involved in athletics have more skincare risks … Continue reading

Types of Warts and Treatment Options

Types of Warts and Treatment Options in New York NY Area

Warts, though harmless, can sometimes be painful and embarrassing. As small non-cancerous skin growths, they can impede your daily routine. Luckily, they can be taken care of by your dermatologist. Warts are caused by several different strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). If you find that you have developed a wart, it is time to go see Dr. Stephen Comite. As a dermatologist at SkinProvement Dermatology New York, he will treat the problem so that you have the relief that you are looking for. Causes There are several things that make people more vulnerable to the development of warts. This … Continue reading

When is the Right Time to see a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment in New York NY

When is the Right Time to see a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment in New York NY Area

Acne is a common skin condition that happens to us all at some point in our lives. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that we are talking about an actual medical condition instead of a natural reaction to our teenage years. If you are skipping social gatherings with family and friends because of an acne breakout, or it is otherwise affecting your mental or physical health, hence, it is time to see a Dermatologist for acne to help clear your condition more quickly. If Your Acne Condition Worsens After Using Over-the-Counter Medication Often, mild cases of acne can be treated … Continue reading

Learn about skin cancer treatment options in New York

Learn About Skin Cancer Treatment Options in New York Area

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and it can be life-threatening if left untreated. Luckily, medical technology advancements have significantly reduced the mortality rate, and regular screening can prevent serious side effects and excess skin loss or scarring. At Skinprovement Dermatology in New York, we offer multiple kinds of skin cancer treatment options. Risk factors and symptoms Skin cancer can affect anyone, but people with lighter skin and those who spend a lot of time outdoors are at a greater risk. Early diagnosis is critical for a good prognosis, and Dr. Comite offers … Continue reading

Reduce Sweating with Botox treatment in New York, NY

Reduce Sweating with Botox treatment in New York, NY Area

Excess sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a condition where the hormones responsible for your temperature regulation become overactive, causing sweaty palms and armpits. Anxiety and stress can make this worse, and since people are often embarrassed by their condition, it only exacerbates the situation. Dr. Comite can reduce excess sweating with Botox treatment for patients in New York, NY, to help patients deal with the stress and social anxiety associated with their condition. Causes of hyperhidrosis In most cases, there is no specific medical cause for hyperhidrosis, although it can be likened to certain diseases such as diabetes or hormonal imbalances. … Continue reading

Effective treatment to get rid of face warts in New York, NY

Effective Treatment to Get Rid of Face Warts in New York, NY Area

Warts are a common occurrence caused by a viral infection, usually, after your skin is cut or scraped. But more often, they can spread from person to person, which means that they should be treated even though they are a minor nuisance. Skinprovement Dermatology of New York has multiple treatment options to get rid of facial warts. How warts are formed Warts are most often caused by an HPV virus that comes in contact with damaged skin. The virus will cause excess skin growth as it reproduces, creating a barrier to protect the virus. Once a wart has formed, it … Continue reading

Dermatologist in New York, NY, offers Botox injections for fine lines and wrinkles

Dermatologist in New York, NY Area, Offers Botox Injections for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Men and women over the age of 25 will slowly begin to notice changes in their skin. It includes skin laxity, which contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contractions will often develop on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. With cosmetic injectables such as Botox, patients of the New York, NY, area will finally find a nonsurgical solution for wrinkles. What is Botox? Dr. Stephen Comite is a board-certified dermatologist in New York who is proud to offer Botox, one of the many cosmetic injectables used in his practice. … Continue reading

Enjoy Kybella injections for noninvasive treatment of the double chin with a New York, NY, professional

Enjoy Kybella Injections for Noninvasive Treatment of the Double Chin with a New York, NY Area

At Skinprovement Dermatology of New York, we provide various medical and surgical dermatology solutions with our board-certified provider. We also offer a selection of cosmetic treatments to help improve the face, body, and skin. Adult men and women who are unhappy with submental fullness, or the “double chin,” may believe that their only option for treatment is surgery. Fortunately, today’s field of medicine has introduced an effective, nonsurgical, and noninvasive alternative for the treatment of double chin called Kybella. Understanding how Kybella works Dr. Stephen Comite describes Kybella as an injectable treatment for double chin. It works by using an … Continue reading

Versatility, custom treatment among the many benefits of chemical peels in New York, NY

Versatility, Custom Treatment Among the Many Benefits of Chemical Peels in New York, NY Area

SkinProvement Dermatology has successfully treated just about any dermatological condition imaginable across the diverse spectrum of skin types and skin tones. So, chemical peels are a natural fit within the office of Board-Certified dermatologist Stephen L. Comite, as they’re among the most versatile procedures. Chemical peels treatment and benefits in New York NY: A guide The beauty of chemical peels comes, partly, from their “design.” By exfoliating the outermost layers of skin, a healthy healing process is triggered. As the skin heals, a new and refreshed texture and appearance are revealed. A solution is applied evenly to the treatment area … Continue reading

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Have been a long-term patient of Dr. Comite, and really trust him. He is smart, thorough, caring, and accessible. Will lean toward conservative (safe) approach, while discussing any pros or cons so you can decide. Has guided me through potential melanoma, lyme disease, and less serious issues. Amazed to receive a personal phone call at night to check in on my wellbeing after a procedure. His office is convenient and staff is responsive and helpful.

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