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Benefits of Coming in for Professional Sports Dermatology Services in New York Area

Benefits of Coming in for Professional Sports Dermatology Services in New York

Properly caring for your skin is very important. One group that tends to be health-conscious and active are athletes and those who like to exercise regularly. For these people, seeing a dermatologist is also particularly important. When in need of sports dermatology services in New York, NY, residents would benefit greatly by consulting our dermatologist at SkinProvement Dermatology. 

Consultation and Skin Condition Check

One of the main advantages of seeing a sports dermatologist is that you can receive a comprehensive consultation on your skin condition. In some ways, those that are active and involved in athletics have more skincare risks than those that are more sedentary. This is because there is always a risk of injury or infection while being active and getting more sun exposure. Thus, seeing a professional for a skincare evaluation is important as it will ensure that your skin is healthy.

Treatment for Allergic Reaction and Infections

Treatment for Allergic Reaction and Infections in New York NY Area

An allergic reaction or bacterial infection is somewhat common with athletes. When you see a professional for your sports dermatology needs, they can help you with these concerns. Your sports dermatologist will be able to identify any abnormalities on your skin and provide the topical care and treatment needed to help control and reduce the infection or allergic reaction.

Skin Cancer Evaluation

Those that spend time in the sun should be cautious and wear sunscreen at all times. However, even with proper care, there is always a risk of developing skin cancer. If you notice an odd spot or mole, it is important to have it checked out. Dr. Comite can help determine the severity of the abnormality and help you develop a treatment and care plan.

If you are in the New York, NY area and would like to see a sports dermatologist, you should call SkinProvement Dermatology New York today at (212) 933-9490 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephen Comite. When you meet with him, you can receive a full consultation and any additional care that you need.

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