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Soft Tissue Fillers in New York City Area

Patients in New York City discover what to expect from soft tissue fillers

For patients in New York City, Dr. Stephen Comite and the team at SkinProvement Dermatology New York offer comprehensive cosmetic dermatology services to keep patients looking their best. The aging process leads to a loss of facial volume and the development of creases or wrinkles. Soft tissue fillers are popular ways to add instant volume and plump lines and wrinkles restoring a more youthful appearance.

Fillers are used to replace lost volume to reduce the sunken, aged appearance helping patients appear more youthful. The aging process, sun damage, smoking, and other toxins can lead to volume loss in the face. Then, gravity causes everything to sag downward. Replacing lost facial volume is an important strategy in restoring a more natural, youthful look.

Soft tissue fillers are often used for the following treatments:

  • Filling lines and wrinkles
  • Augmenting the lips
  • Adding volume to the cheekbones
  • Plumping the hollows under the eyes

What to expect

Patients who are bothered by facial volume loss should schedule a consultation with Dr. Comite. During the consultation, they physician assesses the areas of need and the patient’s goals and expectations to come up with the perfect plan. the Dr. Comite understands the lines and contours of the face. He can determine the most appropriate filler for each patient’s needs and can inject the filler in a way that produces a natural-looking result.

After selecting a filler, the skin is cleansed. Soft tissue filler injections only take a few moments. The filler is injected just beneath the skin, instantly adding volume to the treated area. The effects are immediately visible, so patients leave the office looking younger.

Recovery and results

Treatment with dermal fillers does not require downtime. The most common side effects include mild swelling or tenderness at the injection site. Injections are easily tolerated. Any discomfort may be managed with ice packs. Patients are generally advised to avoid strenuous activity and rubbing the treatment area. Results from soft tissue fillers last six months to one year depending on the product used and the area treated.

Stop living with lines and wrinkles. For soft tissue fillers, contact SkinProvement Dermatology of New York. Call (212) 933-9490.

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