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Silicone Sheets to Treat Scars in New York Area

Are silicone sheets suitable to treat your scars? Treatment starts with an exam at New York specialty practice

Countless products online and on store shelves claim to “cure” your scar; however, scars are complex. They require a keen understanding of the type of scar, and proven products and techniques matched to your needs. For safe and effective treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Board-certified specialist Dr. Stephen L. Comite of SkinProvement Dermatology New York has researched several dermatological techniques. So, when Dr. Comite recommends silicone sheets to treat scars from his New York City office, you can trust that these products have been demonstrated to fade or eliminate scarring, as an alternative to invasive, higher-risk interventions.

Treatment starts with an examination

Scars come in many different forms. They may be flat, raised (hypertrophic and keloid), or depressed (atrophic). Before Dr. Comite suggests a treatment plan that is tailored to you, he will evaluate the type of scar, as well as other factors that can influence your suitability for a specific therapy or product, including:

  • The likelihood that the scar will fade naturally; for instance,some scars tend to blend in with surrounding skin over time
  • Age, color, size, depth, and texture of the scar
  • Your age and health status
  • Your complexion
  • The affected body part, as some scars may be in highly visible areas or areas with poor blood supply

Additionally, it’s vitally important that Dr. Comite confirms the scar isn’t another type of condition, such as a cancerous lesion. Cancers can grow within scars.

Silicone for scars

Few easily accessible scar treatments are as time-tested as silicone; the American Academy of Dermatology reports that silicone gel (in a sheet or ointment form) has been used since the 1980s. SkinProvement Dermatology New York recommends silicone sheets, such as CVS Scar Treatment Silicone Sheets. Similar to Band-Aids, these sheets are applied to the affected, scarred area as directed by your doctor. They are affordable, simple to use and maintain, and we’ve seen firsthand how these silicone products reduce the size, firmness, red discoloration, swelling, and itching associated with scars. Silicone sheets are also a great preventive measure, to help the wounds heal in a way that doesn’t produce scarring. This product may also be appropriate to flatten raised and often large keloids or to prevent their recurrence.

While silicone’s effectiveness at treating scars isn’t well-understood, researchers believe the gel increases hydration of the outermost epidermal layer (stratum corneum) and reduces the overproduction of collagen, which results in flatter, softer scars.

For more information on treating your scar, call (212) 933-9490 to book an appointment at SkinProvement Dermatology New York.

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