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Kybella for Double Chin in New York Area

Kybella for double chin helps patients in New York get rid of a stubborn fat, without surgery

If you’ve become an “expert at camouflage” (hiding a double chin behind scarves, turtlenecks, and other creatively draped fabrics), you may be a candidate for Kybella. An injectable treatment, Kybella for double chin at the New York City office of Dr. Stephen L. Comite provides a long-term, safe, and effective answer to the historically challenging question of how to shrink stubborn under-chin fat.

Why chin fat is so hard to treat (until now!)

Why Chin Fat Is So Hard to Treat  in New York Area

Excess fat in the “submental” area between your head and neck is notoriously resistant to weight loss with diet or with exercises that claim to reduce chin fullness. Treatment isn’t as simple as losing weight; SkinProvement Dermatology New York treats patients of all shapes and sizes with double chins. Hormonal changes and genetics are to blame. So, conventional weight reduction can be futile. In the past, those patients desperate to restore definition to their jawlines were limited in their treatment options to invasive surgery. Today, Dr. Comite’s patients benefit from the first FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to safely “melt” moderate to severe submental fat – without the downtime and risks of surgery.

As a Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Comite is skilled at precisely injecting a wide range of cosmetic products, including Kybella. Treatment is so well-tolerated that many patients require little more than a cold compress or localized numbing medication (lidocaine) for comfort. During a consultation at the Manhattan office, Dr. Comite will discuss Kybella with you and answer any questions you may have about options to get rid of a double chin. For now, we’ve shared a few “good things to know” about this advanced, life-altering procedure:

  • Side effects are generally similar to those experienced by patients who undergo other common injectable treatments, such as dermal fillers and Botox, and they include temporary swelling, bruising, redness and discomfort at the injection site.
  • A series of, on average, three to six short treatments spaced at least one month apart can get the results that you’re after.
  • Full effects are gradual, due to how Kybella works. The active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, is akin to a molecule produced naturally by your body to help absorb and break down fat. When injected precisely by Dr. Comite, Kybella selectively destroys fat cells, which are safely eliminated over time.
  • Once fat is dissolved, it’s gone for good. You enjoy your defined features, as long as you don’t gain a significant amount of weight.

You may find yourself even more motivated to maintain those attractive results with healthy diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle. Kybella also has a skin-tightening benefit, though it is not an appropriate treatment for patients with lots of excess skin. Book a consultation with Dr. Comite at the office of SkinProvement Dermatology New York. Call (212) 933-9490.

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