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Effective Treatment to Get Rid of Face Warts in New York, NY Area

Effective treatment to get rid of face warts in New York, NY

Warts are a common occurrence caused by a viral infection, usually, after your skin is cut or scraped. But more often, they can spread from person to person, which means that they should be treated even though they are a minor nuisance. Skinprovement Dermatology of New York has multiple treatment options to get rid of facial warts.

How warts are formed

Warts are most often caused by an HPV virus that comes in contact with damaged skin. The virus will cause excess skin growth as it reproduces, creating a barrier to protect the virus. Once a wart has formed, it can spread through skin-to-skin contact or when skin touches something that the wart has contacted.

Some are more susceptible to warts than others. Children and teenagers are less likely to wash their hands or adequately care for cuts, which means they are more likely to get warts and spread them. People on medications that weaken the immune system and people with autoimmune disease are also at a higher risk of getting warts.

Warts in children can go away on their own, but treatment may be necessary if it is painful, persistent spreading, or causing symptoms. Warts that form on adults are more likely to stick around. Depending on the kind of wart, there are a variety of treatment options.

Treating facial warts

Cryotherapy is the most common treatment choice for treating facial warts. Dr. Comite will apply liquid nitrogen to the wart, which may cause some mild, temporary discomfort. Once the wart thaws, a blister will start to form, and in a few days, it will break off. Some warts will require multiple treatments before fading. In other cases, he may recommend a topical treatment or electrosurgery to remove the wart.

For stubborn warts that haven’t responded to other treatments, Dr. Comite may recommend laser treatment. He will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area before treatment, but you may experience pain or sensitivity in the area for a couple of days afterward.

Dr. Comite will go over the treatment options for your wart and help you decide how you want to proceed. Contact our office in New York, NY, today at (212) 933-9490 to schedule a consultation to get warts off your face.

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