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Dermatologist for Skin Cancer in New York Area at Skinprovement

Dermatologist at New York dermatology center offering diagnosis and treatment for skin cancer patients

While hearing that you have skin cancer can be a scary moment for anyone, the good news is, with early diagnosis and treatment, most patients overcome it. Patients who do not have their cancer diagnosed in the earlier stages will have a long road ahead of them. That is why early detection is key, and the dermatology team at, Skinprovement Dermatology of New York, encourages patients to schedule routine skin cancer screenings with a dermatologist for skin cancer every year or sometimes more often as needed. Patients can call our skin cancer diagnosis and treatment facility in New York to schedule their evaluation and undergo any necessary biopsies that may be needed.

Why is an annual skin cancer screening important?

Many cancers go undetected until they have progressed later into a more serious issue, such as skin cancer. In most cases, cancers that are caught early with regular screenings can be addressed earlier with the help of our team. Skin cancer is a visible cancer that is often seen in its earliest stages, which makes it simpler to treat than other cancers that may be hidden in the body. With annual skin cancer screenings, patients are evaluated often enough to catch cancer early. Additionally, patients who have any skin growths or changes to their existing moles will want to book an evaluation with a dermatologist between annual checkups.

Why choose Skinprovement for screenings?

Our New York, NY dermatology office is

  • Conveniently located
  • Experienced
  • Expertly trained
  • Affordable

We encourage new patients in the community to speak to our team about dermatological care, as we offer a range of services outside of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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New York, NY area patients who need a skin cancer screening and want to speak to a doctor about caring for their skin, are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with the team at Skinprovement Dermatology of New York. Dr. Stephen Comite and his dedicated staff work alongside patients to ensure they are taking a proactive approach to protect their skin from cancer while providing appropriate treatment after a diagnosis. Call the office at (212) 933-9490 to schedule a screening with our team.

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DR. STEPHEN COMITE Is a board-certified Dermatologist with an impeccable academic background and he is valued as one of the best Dermatologists in NY due to his expert skills and his compassionate nature towards all of his patients.
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Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced doctor (Dr. Comite) who was able to explain more than all the other doctors about my daughter’s acne challenges. I am excited to have found this center and believe we’ve found the answer to many of the problems we’ve encountered with skin issues. I will post again once we have experienced more treatment.

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