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Botox at SkinProvement Dermatology in Armpits NYC Area

NYC patients address excessive sweating with armpit Botox.

Sweating is a common part of life. Adults expect it after a workout, when they get nervous, or when the temperature rises. Most people combat sweating with a good application of deodorant and continue with their day. However, individuals with hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, often find that their sweating is interfering with their everyday life. Dr. Stephen Comite of SkinProvement Dermatology in NYC helps patients who are dealing with hyperhidrosis manage their sweating by injecting Botox in their armpits.

Botox is for more than just wrinkles.

Most adults think about Botox as a cosmetic treatment that helps smooth wrinkles and restore a person’s youth and confidence. In fact, Botox can also be used for several medical conditions including neck spasms, migraines, overactive bladder, and excessive sweating. In fact, studies show that Botox can treat excessive sweating from the armpits, palms, and forehead.

Botox for excessive sweating

Botox helps lessen or stop sweating by blocking the nerves that activate your sweat glands. These nerves typically signal the body to sweat when the body needs to cool itself. However, individuals with hyperhidrosis have overactive sweat glands, which can lead to embarrassing social and professional situations. Botox is used to prevent the nerves from telling the body that it needs to sweat.

Like all Botox injections, Botox for excessive sweating should be administered by a trained and experienced practitioner. Prior to the procedure, follow any instructions from your doctor or his team. This may include not shaving for several days or discontinuing use of blood thinners to avoid bruising. Patients may be given ice or a numbing agent prior to the injection to minimize the discomfort. Each armpit will receive several injections. However, the appointment will only take a few minutes and patients can return to work or their daily activities immediately following the appointment.

Results of your treatment

Patients may not stop sweating immediately following the procedure. Instead, it will take several days to a week to notice that sweating has decreased and up to two weeks to stop sweating completely. It is also important to note that the results of Botox are not permanent. Most patients experience relief for six months to a year. Additionally, touch ups may need to be performed to address any missed spots.

Safety and effectiveness of Botox treatment for sweating

While any procedure has risks, most patients tolerate Botox very well. Some patients will notice some discomfort or bruising at the injection site or may experience a headache. Additionally, some individuals worry that blocking a sweat gland could have a negative impact on their health. The body has two to four million sweat glands, with approximately two percent in the underarm. Blocking the underarms from sweating does not cause other areas of the body to increase sweat production.

If you are dealing with excessive sweating by carrying deodorant everywhere you go, avoid certain clothing, missing out on your favorite activities, call SkinProvement Dermatology today at (212) 933-9490. Dr. Comite and his team of trained professionals will help you stop the sweating and improve your quality of life.

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DR. STEPHEN COMITE Is a board-certified Dermatologist with an impeccable academic background and he is valued as one of the best Dermatologists in NY due to his expert skills and his compassionate nature towards all of his patients.
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Have been a long-term patient of Dr. Comite, and really trust him. He is smart, thorough, caring, and accessible. Will lean toward conservative (safe) approach, while discussing any pros or cons so you can decide. Has guided me through potential melanoma, lyme disease, and less serious issues. Amazed to receive a personal phone call at night to check in on my wellbeing after a procedure. His office is convenient and staff is responsive and helpful.

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