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How certain foods promote both clear skin and healthy blood sugar levels … the connection

Glycemic Index and Acne in New York NY Area

You are what you eat. Our diets can either help or harm our skin; notably, nutrition can positively or adversely affect the frequency and severity of acne breakouts.  Led by pioneering Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Stephen Comite, our team at SkinProvement Dermatology in New York, New York, partners with patients to provide trusted guidance based on the latest science to fuel the healthiest skin and body. Glycemic index: What it is, why it matters The Glycemic Index (GI) classifies foods based on their potential to raise blood sugar (or blood glucose) levels. For glucose to be ” used” by your body, … Continue reading

Safe Methods of Removing Skin Tags Permanently

Cancerous Skin Tags in New York NY Area

Skin tags are flesh-colored growths that may start to appear on your body as you grow older. They are typically harmless unless they start to bleed or change color, in which case they may not be skin tags at all, but a cancerous growth that needs immediate treatment. When in doubt, it’s best to consult with your New York dermatologist at SkinProvement Dermatology. Bothersome skin tags or growths should be removed immediately to avoid discomfort and occasionally the spread of cancerous cells throughout your body. Skin Tags vs. Cancerous Growths Skin tags can be found in different parts of your … Continue reading

Services provided by New York area cosmetic dermatologist

Cosmetic Dermatologist at Skinprovement in New York, Ny Area

Dermatology isn’t just about treating acne and diagnosing skin cancer. Most dermatologists, including Dr. Stephen Comite of Skinprovement, proudly offer a range of cosmetic services as well. Our professionals include a cosmetic dermatologist, a doctor for skin, that provides individuals with ways to enhance their skin. The services below are offered for patients seeking a doctor “near me” for aesthetic work: Botox injections – a popular treatment in our office for patients with aging skin is that of Botox injections, but many patients begin when the wrinkles first appear, in their early 30’s or even late 20’s. Most patients have … Continue reading

New York dermatology office offers tips to keep your skin healthy

Dermatology Center in New York City Area

Healthy skin helps you look and feel your best, but it takes work to maintain. Without proper care, your skin’s texture changes. Breakouts can occur. You may look older or tired. With the help of the closest dermatologist near me, you can improve the health of your skin. At his dermatology office in New York City, Dr. Stephen Comite offers tips, treatments, and products to keep your skin glowing. Skin care tips Keeping your skin healthy is part of your general wellness. Exposure to the sun and environmental toxins, aging, hormones, and genetics contribute to the health and quality of … Continue reading

Board-certified specialist stands out with array of quality skin and cosmetic dermatology services in New York

Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology in New York Area

As the “Big Apple,” NYC (not surprisingly) boasts more medical specialists than any other metro area of the country. SkinProvement Dermatology New York appreciates that health care consumers have the opposite problem of what may be experienced by residents of other markets across the country: a dizzying array of choices for a skin and cosmetic dermatology provider in New York City! However, now that you’ve arrived at the “online destination” of Dr. Stephen L. Comite, we’re confident your search just got a lot less daunting, and we look forward to meeting you in person. Dermatologists specializing in the diagnosis and … Continue reading

Trust your health and appearance to a doctor who specializes in skin care and treatment in New York City

Skin Care Doctor in New York Area

Your body’s largest organ, the skin serves many vital functions; it protects you from disease-causing bacteria and environmental stressors, regulates body temperature, facilitates touch, and reacts with sunlight to produce immune-boosting Vitamin D. With so many functions critical to overall well-being, your skin’s health is about so much more than its appearance. That said, though, inner health is often reflected by your outer appearance; for instance, blisters on the hands and feet are associated with diabetic neuropathy, while swollen lower legs are indicative of heart problems. With so many implications, it’s important to partner with an exceptional skin care doctor … Continue reading

New York patients get healthy skin with top dermatology care

Dermatology Care in New York Area

Your skin is your largest, most visible organ. Protecting and keeping it healthy requires maintenance therapies. Unhealthy or aged skin makes you look tired or older. Your skin may develop lines, wrinkles, bags under your eyes,  uneven skin tone, and texture. It is never too late to start nourishing and treating your skin. If you live in New York, turn to Dr. Stephen L. Comite and SkinProvement Dermatology New York for healthy skin and top-quality dermatology care. Treatments for healthy skin The sun, environmental toxins, aging, hormonal changes, and genetics impact the health and quality of your skin. A good … Continue reading

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