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Check out before and after results of silicone sheets for scar treatment in New York

Silicone Sheets for Scar Treatment in New York Area

Acne, infections, trauma, and surgery can all cause potentially unsightly scarring. The scars may be embarrassing or may act as reminders of unpleasant events. Now, there are effective treatment options, so patients do not have to live with their scars. Located in New York, Dr. Stephen Comite offers silicone sheets for scar treatment. Silicone sheeting produces great before and after results by reducing the appearance of scars. How scars form When the skin is traumatized due to surgery, injuries, or burns, the body works to repair the damage by generating new collagen. This collagen that the body produces is thicker … Continue reading

Are silicone sheets suitable to treat your scars? Treatment starts with an exam at New York specialty practice

Silicone Sheets to Treat Scars in New York Area

Countless products online and on store shelves claim to “cure” your scar; however, scars are complex. They require a keen understanding of the type of scar, and proven products and techniques matched to your needs. For safe and effective treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Board-certified specialist Dr. Stephen L. Comite of SkinProvement Dermatology New York has researched several dermatological techniques. So, when Dr. Comite recommends silicone sheets to treat scars from his New York City office, you can trust that these products have been demonstrated to fade or eliminate scarring, as an alternative to invasive, higher-risk interventions. Treatment … Continue reading

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Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced doctor (Dr. Comite) who was able to explain more than all the other doctors about my daughter’s acne challenges. I am excited to have found this center and believe we’ve found the answer to many of the problems we’ve encountered with skin issues. I will post again once we have experienced more treatment.

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