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Trauma From Sports Injury

Our practice has treated many professional athletes including professional baseball and basketball players as well as championship boxers and wrestlers. Our dermatologist also routinely treats dancers involved in modern dance and ballet, as well as amateur athletes who participate in a wide variety of sports. Our dermatologist has consulted for local college athletic programs and lectured on sports dermatology including at prestigious hospitals such as the Hospital for Special Surgery, whose doctors are team physicians for many local professional and college teams.

When treating athletes one has to be aware of how treatment will affect their athletic performance. For instance, a baseball player will need to be especially careful with their hands, while a dancer may be more concerned with foot lesions. If necessary, treatment often needs to be postponed to the off-season.

A physician also has to be concerned with any media attention that an injury may receive. In addition, one has to be concerned with any medication that may affect drug testing.

How can I get started with treatment for my skin condition which may be sports related?

Just call our office today at (212) 557-2600 or e-mail us anytime and set up a Consultation for your skin condition.

Steroid Acne
Tinea Versicolor
(can be related to heat or sweat)
Trauma From Stairmaster
Wrestler With Tinea Corporis (Fungus)
Herpes Simplex Virus (Cold Sore) from sun exposure in an athlete who was competing outdoors
Molluscum Contagiosum
(Viral Infection) common in wrestlers from skin to skin contact