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Keloid (Scar)

While many people of color may have ancestors from a variety of countries or ethnic groups, some skin conditions do affect certain peoples more than others.

Both men and women of color suffer more frequently from ingrown hairs, known as PFB (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae). Medications, creams, and changing your style of shaving can help. Laser Hair Reduction can also help by minimizing the amount of hair remaining; if there is less hair remaining, then less hair can be trapped underneath the skin.

Keloid (Scar)

Patients with African-American or Hispanic ancestry often heal from acne or rashes with dark spots. These spots may take months or longer to resolve. Often a variety of bleaching creams, peels and microdermabrasions may be needed to even out pigment, though sometimes the ideal result can be impossible to achieve.

Keloid (Scar)

Women with Asian and Latino ancestry are more likely to develop melasma. This is facial discoloration that can follow pregnancy or the birth control pill in combination with sun exposure, though sometimes a cause cannot be found. Treatment can be difficult, but may involve creams, peels and microdermabrasions. Sunscreen is a must. Often people have a positive family history meaning that another member of their family has this condition as well.

Tinea Versicolor
(can be related to heat or sweat)

African-Americans and Southern Mediterranean often develop bumps on the back of their scalp, known as Acne Keloidalis Nuchae. These bumps may be very difficult to fully resolve. Depending upon the severity of the condition, topical and oral antibiotics as well as injections may be necessary.

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